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PARADISE PROPERTIES is a small, family run business, with properties to suit any budget in the beautiful and idyllic Bahamas, our portfolio currently features 13 properties, 9 oceanfront with ocean views, palm trees with outdoor lighting and hammocks strung between them , amazing sunsets, hence our name Sunset Cove, the beach is right beside the property accessed through a gate, the beach above the waterline belongs to Sunset Cove so no permission would be needed for filming .

We have a sandy deck area in front of the apartments with picnic tables , umbrellas and BBQ's, it also has steps leading down into the ocean where the kayaks can be launched, we have a clear blue Hawaiian kayak basically see through, that looks very tropical, sea hammocks the guests love and hand held sea scooters, we can arrange for collection from the bottom of the steps by jet ski operators or for your own use. There is a small jetty beside the apartment local fishermen use, they can often can be seen there cleaning fish, next to that is the conch stall very local delicacy.

Across the road is Nesbits a very Bahamian restaurant full of colorful characters, it always has the jukebox playing, serving peas and rice, conch fritters and plantain and the local beer Kalik.

We have a neighbor who can often be seen taking his ocean going car, yes car, out onto the ocean in front of Sunset Cove.

At our other 3 properties we have a pool with color changing lights at night. We work closely with someone who has a private island with a lighthouse, now used as accommodation, a yacht and a private plane. I am sure he would be happy to get in on some filming adventures.

At present part of the very small, but unique island has been renovated for beach days out, part of it is waiting to be restored but has some interesting buildings which could be utilized, snorkeling off the island is amazing with loads of colorful fish.

We are very close to the Exumas with the bluest water you have ever seen. The famous island used for drug smuggling is not far away, the runway can still clearly be seen, with a sunken aircraft that never quite made the landing strip makes for interesting snorkeling. The famous $US3.5 Billion Baha Mar is only 10 minutes away to be completed soon.

Atlantis with casinos is only 30 mins away. The Fish fry is 20 mins away features lots of colorful wooden buildings serving Bahamian food at the weekends in the summer they hold Junkanoo processions with drums and bells and colorful costumes, can get very wild.

Only 30 mins drive away the sea sculptures of a girl holding up the ocean can be accessed.

We have had the pleasure of hosting several weddings and are looking forward to more with sometimes wedding groups taking all 8 apartments and making it a really private special occasion
We have also hosted family reunions and get togethers


7 cars in private parking, parking right beside for another 8 cars
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Has already been used by film company to film a shoot a scene for their series "From the Bottom Up" produced by Queen Latifah. to be broadcast soon
Is going to be used in a shoot this weekend for Destination Weddings
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