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Sainte Ursule, Quebec, Canada
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1 hour from Montreal -house built in 1956 as a countryside school; a strong, steady building in red bricks. The dimensions are 55 x 45 feet on two levels. Total surface 2475 square feet per level.

It was turned into a home in the 70's using wood from an old barn that gives a beautiful, rustic and original look to the entire house. The walls are also decorated by hand with high reliefs and faux finish by an artist. There are two small rooms from which one is a child room. The lower part of the walls are finished with barn wood and beams. The upper part is sculpted with realistic faux finish such as fossils and dinosaurs. The second small room has wooden walls and built-in library with beams and faux finish.

The master bedroom has beautiful features, such as faux finish on the walls, beams, large windows, its own bathroom and wooden furniture, hand-made by an artist.

The second big room has a red wall, white windows and three walls with european faux finish. Stairs lead in the room whose level is a bit higher than the rest of the house.

The living room is 21 x 21 with two large windows, old wooden hardwood floor, faux finish on the walls and large barn beams which were hewn with an axe in the 1800's. One wall made in barn wood. Two forged gates give or limit access to the living room from two sides.

The kitchen stands between the living and the dining room and has two large wooden counters with barnwood beams on top, wooden ceiling and a beautiful L'Islet wood stove for cooking and heating from the 1930's which is still in use today. The kitchen floor and one of the counter tops are made from old bricks.

The dining room has old wooden floor, two antique armoires, a large, heavy rosewood dining table and six chairs, two large guillotine-style windows and a large and tall patio door leading to a large terrace 20 x 18 feet surrounded by planter boxes and benches, made from local cedar gray wood. The dining room walls have a hand-made faux finish with flower and fruit high relief.

The hallway, 8 x 26, has old barn wood on one side and faux finish on the other. Wooden ceiling and slate floor with mosaic style motive on the sides. In its center is a block that form a pantry and a wardrobe. Both have old, wooden accordion doors. There are wooden stairs on the back side of the hallway. Halfway down is a door leading to a terrace.

Continuing downstairs is a hallway that gives access to three rooms in the basement. Its floor is made from marble and malachite chunks. The walls are faux finish. Under the stairs, there two cold rooms, the first one has bricks walls and wooden ceilling. Two rooms on the right are freezer and washroom. Straight in front, there is a nice room with old wooden floor, dark red, large mirrors on two walls.

Left is the largest room in the basement, a workshop for crafting, such as jewellery and canvas painting.

A storage room on the left and a Jotul stove, installed on a large brick platform that has a brick table, wood box and brick bench.

A door leads to a large chicken coop. Concrete and wood.

The second building is 30 x 45. The front ground level is a double garage 30 x 25 and the back of the ground level it's a fully finished room with a nice wood stove (Sawman) installed on a brick place. Beams and faux finish on the walls. Large stairs lead to the atelier on the second floor which is one big room, cathedral ceiling with lots of barn beams and faux finish (white); One extra large window in front and more on the back. A balcony that faces the back yard, the gardens and the pool. View of the shed from there and forest behind at about 150 yards from house. We can sit there and admire the surroundings and 3 Mustangs of our neighbor. Another set of stairs lead all the way up to the second level under the roof.

In the backyard, there is a shed made from old barn wood with one side open and the other closed.

All summer long, the gardens are full of vegetables, flowers and 7 ch


  • Stairs
  • Basement
  • Garden
  • Pond
  • Fireplace
  • Additional Buildings
  • Pantry
  • Large Kitchen
  • Rural
  • Historical
  • Versatile location
  • Forest
  • Mountains
A total of 8 cars can park on the property and additional cars and vans can park to the neighbor, a nice old man who has a huge meadow.
  • Feature Films
  • Indie Films
  • Web Series
  • Television Shows
  • Television Commercials
  • Music Videos
  • Photography
  • Events
  • Corporate Gatherings
A tall, natural looking cedar tree fence along the 150 feet side. So when we approach the house from afar, we see it surrounded by trees and vegetation, giving it a lush and dreamy look. Between the cedar tree fence and the entrance of the house, there is a pond with a large, mature elm tree and a birch with lots of natural growing flowers, reeds and rocks around. Between the pond and the entrance of the house, there is a patch of natural rock pavement.

There are several gardens all over the property, such as four veggie gardens, including tomatoes, potatoes, garlic, thyme and other fine herbs. There is also a bed of tobacco. There are many flower gardens and also flower pots in many places like on the terraces, next to the house, garage and around the pool. The house is surrounded by natural stones, forming flower beds.

We also have six lilac trees in different places, three of them among the cedar fence and one next to the master bedroom window. In spring, it covers more than half the window with lilac flowers and allow birds to nest. A lot of birds such as blue jay, chickadee, sparows, wood pecker, small and the big are nesting and prospering all over the property, as our gardens are organic and there are no predators. Our five cats never leave the house.

We have a maple tree, linden, apple and cherry trees in all sizes as well as grape vines.

The place is very quiet, no big traffic on the street in front, but we can hear and see a bit of the train passing a few times a day.

When we are in the second building and looking by the front window we see all the field in front, as far as the horison, some forests, a route and houses in the distance. In somer the farmers ususally grow corn or soya on that field and in winter, it's all white with snow. There is a trail for ATVs, skidoos and one can also walk by foot.

The lush greenhouse in the back yard stands next to the shed and the chicken coop with around 15 chicken, hens and roosters wich are very used to people. We can hold and caress them.

We can provide more pictures on demand.
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