Los Angeles Spanish or Mediterranean Style Duplex Property Film Location Rental

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Los Angeles, CA, USA
You're looking at a Spanish/Mediterranean-Style duplex property (owner-occupied on one side). Built in 1922, the one-story building is 2448 square feet. It has a remodeled detached garage where a long driveway ends. The garage fits one car and has an attached carport which is normally used as a covered backyard patio. It can be used for your craft services to set up their tables, makeup or for filming as usual. The patio overlooks a number of fruit trees including an old avocado tree. There's a very tall palm tree that can be seen from a couple of blocks and while driving down the street.

Both of the houses have décor-only fireplaces with vintage-antique tile. They create the focal points of the living rooms. They were designed and built by renowned designer Ernest Bachelder of Pasadena in the early 1920's. As the owner-occupied side (not pictured indoors) has made several renovations and remodeling, we have kept the original built-in curio cabinet (as pictured). Both homes also have the original built-in book shelves in the living room, adding to the character of the fireplaces. The kitchens have been remodeled to fit more of today's standards and codes, but the rental has kept the original layout with a private laundry room that leads to the back door. The original hardwood floors have been restored. Both homes show off their brand new, double-pane windows throughout, and glass front doors. Please no student films.

The building is powered by solar energy, New roof, attic and floor insulation, electric car charging outlet in driveway, new front lawn landscaped with concrete blocks and artificial turf, vinyl fencing around the perimeter of the property for added privacy and secured by Ring floodlights and cameras.


  • Garden
  • Walk-in Closets
  • City
  • Equipment storage
  • Wi-Fi Available
  • Catering and dining area
  • Electricity/Water
The street parking is one-sided. The street itself is not new to film scouts as we have had three Indie shorts filmed here. We have a very long driveway that ends at the garage and into the back patio. The driveway can fit several cars easily for convenience.

I used to joke about how the driveway was made for the Ford Model-T's until recently because we have now expanded the entrance and driveway. The front yard has been revised to have extra parking when necessary with concrete blocks and artificial turf laid out in a design fitting for the property's curb appeal. Not only does this allow for practicality and convenience, but also helps to conserve water and save on landscaping expenses, in addition to the drought-resistant plants and natural rocks that almost glisten in broad daylight,

Our street has been panned in the beginning of an old Don Knotts or Jerry Lewis movie from the 40's or 50's. In addition, if you go up on our flat roof, you can easily see The Hollywood sign.
  • Feature Films
  • Indie Films
  • Web Series
  • Television Shows
  • Television Commercials
  • Music Videos
  • Photography
We have had other film crews use my property in 2016. Here is a resume for the location:

Hush Hush (Oct/2016) Indie short
Just Like The Real Thing (Nov/2016) Indie short
Los Angeles Spanish or Mediterranean Style One-story Duplex Property California Los Angeles county Hollywood film location rental
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