Office Space Planning Post Covid

Office Space Planning Post Covid

The COVID-19 pandemic has propelled modern office decor into the next generation and has tested corporate America’s agility. The continued spread of its vaccine will open doors for more businesses to move back into a traditional office environment. Employees can expect a new era of innovative office spaces that incorporate virus prevention components such as open-air meetings, one-way directional aisles, increased social distancing, and beyond. The move away from office layouts that promote high interaction to low interaction distanced spaces that still feel somewhat natural will require planning. And these new office attributes will be standard post-Covid.

Meetings Will Look Very Different in 2021

Although collaboration is one of the most critical business elements, having multiple people in a tight space interacting with each other will not return to office life any time soon. The new era of meeting rooms will be far more spacious this year, and plexiglass sneeze guards will likely be a new addition to help shield attendees from virus spread. Outdoor meetings, air purifiers, HEPA filters, and open windows are all part of the planning for the return of in-office work, and installing either self-cleaning or easy-to-clean surfaces are also in the works.

The Modern Workstation is Set to be Reimagined

Creating a modern workspace that is safe yet holistic will be a new challenge for corporations. Hence, space is the name of the game when it comes to evolving pre-pandemic cubicles. Placing glass, barriers, and more space between workstations is how companies are cultivating social distancing. Also, swapping out leather furniture for less porous upholstery is an alternative that many businesses are practicing.

Mobility Will be Essential

Since most companies will use a hybrid model to transition employees back into the workplace and stagger schedules to bring down capacity, mobile solutions will be essential for productivity to remain unaffected. Transferable workstations, smaller individual spaces, laptops, or meetings only office days are viable options for post-Covid work life.

Employees Should Say Goodbye to Common Areas For Now

Beloved common area social spaces will likely remain closed at least at the beginning of the recovery phase. Kitchens, lounges, and game time may stay virtual for the time being, or smaller organized gatherings might be permitted as the vaccine rollout continues. Even though offices will have a new look and feel, a dedicated workspace outside of the home will be welcome by many. Reorganizing office spaces to protect employees’ health and safety will
decrease anxiety for employees returning to work.

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