When My House is Used

Does FilmingLocationWanted.com charge a fee when my property is used as a film location?Get your house in a film or television commercial film locations

We do NOT charge any fees when your location is rented by a production company. Once you list your property on the web site, you provide all the information and details about your venue as well as your direct contact information. If a location scout likes what they see and your property may be a potential location for their project, they will contact you directly to make an appointment to see your location or to get additional details.

You and the company will negotiate the price. FilmingLocationWanted does not intervene in any way. All agreements, permits and necessary paperwork is generally supplied by the production company and will be negotiated between the owner and the company renting your property. All payment for your rental will also come directly from the production company as well.

FilmingLocationWanted.com connects property owners and production companies, our web site provides an outlet to display your property details and photos online to those seeking locales for their projects.

Once you have created your profile on the web site, you are displaying to location production personnel who are seeking stock film or photography locations for their projects. FilmingLocationWanted.com attracts location scout’s, location assistants, photography companies, advertising agencies and event planners.

Our web site location profile listing choices include a FREE profile option that requires you to automatically renew monthly to keep your profile active on the web site, to additional packages that allows you  to display more images for up to a year.  There are NO additional fees. Once you create a stock location filming property profile, and include all your details and contact information, location scouts and production personnel will contact you directly regarding their interest in your property.

Generate income, meet new people, be a part of the filming process. Location rental profiles on the site are viewed by film and television production companies, those seeking venues for photography projects, events and location scouts seeking a  myriad of venues and prop resources.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter or Facebook or visit our site to keep updated on the newest posting by location scouts and production personnel seeking that special location wanted.

Locations are needed from all over the globe. Seeking business of all types, homes, houses, estates, vacant buildings, acreage, cars, props of all types and much, much more.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via email or call the office to speak to a staff member.

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