Film location rental plantation in Saint Louis Missouri Renting your home or business to film crews to use your property as a film or photography production location can prove profitable


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  • Meet new people, be part of the process of shooting a television show, commercial, film or magazine article.
  • Generate Dollars from renting out your house, business, abandoned buildings, props and anything else in between.
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  • NO percentage fees of any kind – Production Scout Representatives and Owners Negotiate Direct.
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  • There are no fees or commissions, location scouts and production personnel contact the owners direct.
Create your location rental web page profile to display to location scouts seeking venues for film production television, entertainment and photography projects. List your home, business or unique property for film, movies, television commercials, short films, galas, parties, photography and more worldwide.

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    All types of locations are needed for production. Anywhere in the world. Homes, vacant or not, old abandoned buildings and businesses of all types and sizes. Any location you can imagine is a potential production backdrop.

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