How Much to Charge

Create a Film Location

Get your house in a film or television commercial film locationsI want to list my house as a filming location – How much should I charge for my property to be used in a film or movie?

We get this question from users daily and provide below an overview of the production budget vs. what it is worth to you.

Every production or event works from a budget detailing what each component will cost. So you as a rentor of property and the production company the rentee need to come to a meeting of the minds on the cost of your offering.

You need to consider that you are in negotiation to let professional strangers in to your home or business. This will bring up issues such as how to make the project go smooth as possible for you both.

So to determine a price start with budget and compare with what is it worth to you to determine your fee.

Few things to consider:

How many days are they using the property?
How many people (cast and crew) are going to be on the property?
Are they including your furniture?
Are they gong to use your Electricity?
Disruption of your home, if you are renting your occupied home.
Does the production company provide an insurance waiver?
Will the production company have a rental agreement?

NOTE: Regarding written contracts between you and the production company is mainly furnished by the production company as well as an insurance waiver. When in negotiation, be sure to have them present you with an agreement and insurance waiver. Most but not all, production companies may not have an insurance waiver. In that case you are taking a chance should anything get damaged and remains your decision whether or not you want to take that chance. This is not legal advice, you need to consult an attorney for options when renting out your property for production.

To determine a value of your property when negotiating, it is best to base the price upon what is it worth to you and how much it will cost you out of pocket (if anything).

All production projects have budgets that include location and props. If your offering is within the budget and fits the criteria the location scouts and managers are seeking; and you feel value of turning over your venue for use is satisfactory, then a deal can be struck.

Example Location Scenarios.

1- A small production company wants to come in and shoot 3 days in your abandoned building with 3 crew members and a host. The production company can pay $500.00 a day. So consider the factors we have mentioned and others that come up to target a price you will accept should your property be selected.

2- A large production company wants to use your property and they need ample parking for their equipment and the cast trailers. There will be over 20 people on set each day. They have their own generators and are self sufficient. Again you need to consider the budget of the production company and your value. The production company can pay you 5000.00 a day. A place to begin to negotiate your venue as a filming location.

Location Profile Tips:

Display photos that show as much of your property as possible, the front, interior, and anything else you are providing for production use.

The best display of your image on the web site profile  is 600×400 pixels. If you need assistance with sizing of your photos, contact us to size and upload for you.

You do not need to upload professional photos however clear and well lit pictures are needed. Get out your good camera or call a friend to take a bunch of photos to get the best shots.  Photos are reviewed and may be adjusted or deleted by staff during review if unable to pass our requirements.

We do not receive images via email unless we are assisting in sizing them  for your profile. If you want to display your property as a location rental please upload your photos to the web site.

Review other location profiles listed on the web site for photos and profile setup.

Renting out your properly is a perfect way to generate income. Anything you can imagine is a potential film, television location, photography venue or destination as an event.

Show the location scout/manager what you have for rent; create a profile with good photos and plenty of details